Improving genetically enhanced crop.

Tailored protocols for individual crop and environment.

Easily integrated and infinitely rewarding.


Lettuce Testing:

Initial testing of lettuce has already elicited great results. A base treatment given to lettuce has proven to enhance the plant color, root hair, and especially root strength. Various treatments enhance the ability to increased growth, vigor and uniformity further.

Study Start Date: 10/22/12

Count Date: 11/2/12

Left: Treated (notice root activity)* / Right: Control

Tomato Testing:

Treated tomato hosts increased germination, vigor and uniformity. The development and quality characteristics which the treated tomato possess, expresses much more; the ability of a treatment meeting the challenge of global security, sustainability, and a change in worldwide food productivity.

Study Start Date: 10/22/12

Count Date: 11/6/12

Left: Treated / Right: Control

Corn Testing:

The treated seed shows a healthier well balanced growth with minimal difference between two growth groups, compared to the control which had 4 growth groups. Treated seed had 100% germination, an increase over the control which only had 88% germination. Displaying a more consistent and even growing crop, the treatment improves the uniformity of the product as well.

Sweet Corn Test:

Unlike the control, the treated sweet corn seed grew with such vigor and uniformity, the root system was unable to pull apart. The increased root strength enhances the vigor of the plant.